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Jul 12

stock catalogue

UNPOEM MY PROSE. Stained glass angel ,designed and hand made by Heather or Richard approx. 17  cm x 18  cm.    Please note that these are samples of our work and no two are the same.


Nov 14

Old Festive Bits from last Christmas



Here is a 14inch aprox. Christmas Tree …one that we have just grown on our workbench


Smaller trees of about 5inches we grow by the hundred as there is such a high demand for them


This is one of our bread and butter items which are essential to maintain our business.


Even though we produce many of them they are each individually made

 and consequently all slightly different.


How many Christmas trees can you count here-in?


Some samples of our glassworkings

Happy hunting...

(We counted 15-16 and gave up, after we realised that there are probably some boats mixed in with the trees on the right-hand table. We do keep many more in stock, but you can never have too many)