About Us

Not the pritiest One of Us

A picture speaks a thousand words

Or preferably

Sowflake or Heather

I have stopped smoking but I have not stopped snowing..

Well , there is certainly plenty to say. Briefly, my name is

 Heather Norwood

I arrived in Cornwall at the age of ten

Studied graphic-design – what to do then?

Worked at a local firm making weaving draughts

For souvenir-badges. Brought up two children.

Creative life on-hold. Met my husband,

Richard – creative urges explode!

Our home is full of paint and glass.

Where is it all to go. You may well ask.

 Richard Norwood says

I was Blown into Cornwall on a strong easterly wind

Gamboling around the county, I was capsized by

A sudden brainwave, onto the awesome rocks of Rough Tor.

From that fearsome Saturday night, thirty years ago

Until last Saturday night (at least) scavenging this wreckage-site

I have been a ‘ippy poet, a nobody artist and a hobo-bum

Gathering together as best I can whatever flotsam remained salvageable

Exhibiting these trinkets wherever ruts and cracks allow them

A little space and time to present themselves.

p.s.,Art is for the bards and bees.

Producing hand-crafted, often unique pieces of artwork is our main occupation, and these can be found in various independent galleries, craft-shops and retailers in Cornwall and across the South West,. The Boscastle Gallery, Fearless in Port Isaac, The Seventh Wave Gallery in Beaudiful Bude, The Mowhay at New Polzeath, Ginger in Looe, Pure Nuff Stuff in Penzance, The Windmill Centre in Launceston, The Art’s Gallery in Okehampton, over and across to The Mermaid Gallery in Lyme Regis and The Gallery of Mary-Clare Buckle in Abbotsbury.

Much, much more, when I find time…OK

Heather is busy crocheting squares for a blanket … that’s different as recently she has been mainly producing felt in one form or another, mainly with embellishing…


  1. Is this a picture of Heather or Richard ?

  2. I would love to……and will.

  3. Jo says:

    Hi there,
    I am not sure if I am in touch with the same person who makes some of the beautiful glass and fabric designs (angels, mermaids, fish etc) that I have seen in a Bude gallery on Belle View? If so could you let me know and do you sell direct?
    kind regards

  4. Sue Ellery says:

    Hi Heather and Richard!

    Long time no see – I’ll put you out of your misery – its Sue that worked in Just Cornish, Milo’s shop in St Just as was. Hope you are keeping well!

    Now living in North Wales, but still own my house in St Just, which is tenanted until I can get my partner here to retire and we can move back down.

    You may remember creating a couple of lovely stained glass ‘sunset over Cot Valley’ window panels for me, way back. The first wasn’t quite the right shape to fit in my inner passage door, so you made a second. The tenant in my house apparently had a minor accident and fell against it, and it is need of some repair.

    Would you be able to do the job? I can arrange for photos to be taken, and I guess it would mean removing the panel and getting it to you somehow. Do you come down that way at all now? Not too keen on the idea of posting such a large fragile piece. No urgency as such, but obviously, once its taken out the door will stay windowless until its replaced.

    My agents for the house are Mike and Liz Sagar at West Cornwall Home Office. They will be sorting it all out for me, so it may well be Liz who gets in touch with you. They are at wcho@btconnect.com or 01736 361269.

    I will look for a snail mail address, as I notice you haven’t used this site too much lately, but do feel free to get back to me on email or phone 01244 836382.

    Many thanks
    Sue Ellery